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AstroWind: Production-ready. Suitable for Startups, Small Business, SaaS websites, Professional Portfolios, Marketing websites, Landing Pages & Blogs.

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Philosophy: Simplicity, Best Practices and High Performance


What you get with AstroWind

One of the most professional and comprehensive templates currently on the market. Most starred & forked Astro theme in 2022.

Astro + Tailwind CSS Integration

A seamless integration between two great frameworks that offer high productivity, performance and versatility.

Ready-to-use Components

Widgets made with Tailwind CSS ready to be used in Marketing Websites, SaaS, Blogs, Personal Profiles, Small Business...

Best Practices

Creating secure, efficient, and user-friendly websites that deliver exceptional experiences and lasting value.

Excellent Page Speed

Having a good page speed impacts organic search ranking, improves user experience (UI/UX) and increase conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO lies in its ability to enhance a website's visibility, driving organic traffic and enabling it to reach a wider audience.

Open to new ideas and contributions

Embracing a culture that is open to new ideas and contributions is integral fostering innovation, collaboration, and a dynamic user experience.

Inside template

AstroWind's Blueprint: Fun Meets Functionality!

Building on modern foundations

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating industry leading practices

Built on top of Astro 4.0

Benefiting from the performance and developer-friendly features of this modern static site generator.

Styled using Tailwind CSS

Facilitating rapid design and consistent styling with this highly popular utility-first CSS framework.

Cross-browser compatibility

Ensure your website looks and functions consistently across various web browsers, delivering a seamless experience to all users.

Ensure your online presence truly represents you.

High level of customization

Tailor the template effortlessly to match your brand's identity and requirements, making your website distinct and saving you time.

Multiple layout possibilities

Explore various layout options to find the structure that best presents your content, enhancing user engagement and navigation.

Fully responsive design

Ensure your website's optimal performance on various devices and screen sizes, providing a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

Integration of media

Seamlessly incorporate images, videos, and multimedia elements that enhance your content and engage visitors effectively.

Designed to foster growth and success.

Enhanced user engagement

Captivate your audience with interactive elements, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing layouts, encouraging longer visits.

Continuous improvement

Ensure your website stays aligned with the latest trends and technologies through regular updates and enhancements.

Time and resource efficiency

Skip the time-consuming process of building a website from scratch and launch your online presence sooner with AstroWind.

Community support

Join the growing AstroWind community for insights, resources, and assistance, ensuring you're never alone on your web development journey.

Get your dream website up and running in no time with AstroWind.

Step 1: Download

Kickstart with GitHub! Either fork the AstroWind template or simply click 'Use this template'. Your canvas awaits, ready for your digital masterpiece. In just a few clicks, you've already set the foundation.

Step 2: Add content

Pour your vision into it. Add images, text, and all that jazz to breathe life into your digital space. Remember, it's the content that tells your story, so make it captivating.

Step 3: Customize styles

Give it your personal touch. Tailor colors, fonts, and layouts until it feels just right. Your unique flair, amplified by AstroWind! Precision in design ensures a seamless user experience.


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Most used widgets

Provides frequently used components for building websites using Tailwind CSS


Ever tried driving without GPS? Boom! That's why websites need headers for direction.


Picture a superhero landing – epic, right? That's the job of a Hero section, making grand entrances!


Where websites strut their stuff and show off superpowers. No holding back on the bragging rights here!


Dive into the meat and potatoes of a site; without it, you'd just be window shopping. Content is king.


That enthusiastic friend who's always urging, "Do it! Do it!"? Yeah, that's this button nudging you towards adventure.


Behold the dessert menu of the website world. Tempting choices await, can you resist?


Step into the gossip corner! Here, other visitors spill the beans and share the juicy details.


Like a digital mailbox, but faster! Drop a line, ask a question, or send a virtual high-five. Ding! Message in.


The footer's like the credits of a movie but sprinkled with easter eggs. Time to hunt!

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The blog is used to display AstroWind documentation. Each new article will be an important step that you will need to know to be an expert in creating a website using Astro + Tailwind CSS. Astro is a very interesting technology. Thanks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that AstroWind offers and how it can elevate your web development journey.

Why AstroWind?

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What do I need to start?

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How to install the Astro + Tailwind CSS template?

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